My review on the novel “Confessions of a shopaholic” By Sophie Kinsella



Rebecca Bloomwood (Becky) is a twenty five year old financial advising writer and a crazy, out of control shopaholic who owns all the things that she cannot afford, and is employed to a job that she is not interested in. She’s in deep debts and makes lame excuses to her bank account manager for not paying her bills. She makes every effort to hide those bills from herself because she does not want to feel depressed because of them. On the suggestion of her dad she decides to C.B (cut back) or M.M.M (make more money) but totally and miserably… fails.

Panicked by her bank manager’s constant calls and urges for a ‘meeting’, she visits her parents and gets to know that the careless financial advice that she gave to her caring and kind neighbors became the cause of them losing a lot of money. She then decides to stands up for them and ends up getting the job and the man…that she loves!


Oh my god. What a fun it was to read this novel. All those efforts she made not to buy stuff and all those times she ended up buying them. I knew it from the start that THIS GUY is going to be the love of her life, it was like the author had made it sure in the start.

A fun read, for girls. Because only us girls know the happiness and satisfaction of buying those ‘Lovely Louis Vuitton shoes’ or that ‘Classy Gucci watch’ or that ‘Black, studded Prada’s bag that’s really in fashion!’

Three words for this book, thrilling, light and relatable!


All my regards,



My review on the novel “Princess”- By Jean Sasson


Princess is a true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia.
Sultana, a very powerful, egoistic and fearless Saudi princess unveils the reality about her  traditions and culture She fights for her rights and knows her mind. She particularly focuses on the fact that the society’s norms and values are shaped precisely FOR MEN, BY MEN

The novel describes the guilt and fears of females living in Arab, fears which force them to live a life of 2ndth century in 21st century. The novel ponders light on the foolish and ignorant rituals performed by uneducated people without asking a simple question, WHY? In fact, in Sultana’s world, there is no word such as why. In this male dominated society, everything a female does against the wishes of her fathers, brothers or husband.. will ultimately lead her to a painful death.

In her society, a woman lives on the pity of Men, her life is shaped and utterly controlled by men.

It is a short story about Sultana’s life, how SHE dealt with the ignorant rules of her country with some painful stories of Sultana’s acquaintances who fell into the deep hole of torture and death because of these rules.

My review:
I would like to start this review by saying that according to me, all the things written in this novel are accurate. Those nonsense rituals are still practiced today. Most of these traditions have no link with Islam, these are old utterly silly traditions practiced by the Arab in the era of Jahiliyah. And so they are considered illegal now not only in Islam, but also in all of the well educated, well developed countries. In Islam, it doesn’t matter if you’re a prince or a pauper; your punishment to a crime would be the same.

But this novel describes how much harm is done by these backward norms of Arab. (Thanks God that I am not Saudi Princess) Though, truth shall be told, some of the traditions described in the novel are actually Islamic. In Islam, Females have particularly lesser rights than men. We, females are only allowed one man at a time while men can have four wives AT A TIME. Oh God, Truly unfair.

ANYWAYS, I love how courageous this sultana is. Though I feel bad for her brother, I dislike how she always puts him into trouble. A happy go lucky sort of sultana. Love her spirit.

Feminists from all over the world would absolutely adore this novel. Men (other than Arabs) would be like oh damn you lucky Arab men, getting girls like that!

Tell you what, I think it’s worth a read!

 Wad dua ya Habibi,


My review on the novel “The museum of innocence”- By Orhan Pamuk.


Kemal Bey, a thirty something old is living the absolute perfect life. He also has a fiancée, Sibel, A stylish and charming young lady who is the daughter of another wealthy family. But life takes a turn and he meets his really poor distant relative, Fusun, who is 12 years younger than him and he without a doubt, falls in love with her.

For the dignity of my blog, I shall not post how he falls in love with her.

But anyhow he decides to get officially engaged to Sibel and also invites Fusun on his engagement party. The story takes a turn and Fusun is nowhere to be found. He becomes a lovesick crackhead. Sibel, being the good girl that she was, helps Kemal emotionally but alas! ends up breaking up with him for good. After some months Kemal finds Fusun and spends the eight years of his life ‘sitting’ every day or so with Fusun and her family and collecting i.e stealing little things related to Fusun, while showering her with gifts and also helping her family financially.
The story takes a very auspicious turn and Kemal and Fusun decide to get married. All is going well until a calamity befalls them, shattering Kemal’s dreams and destroying his life, for ever.
The novel ends with Kemal Bey, dreamily advising Orhan Pamuk to

‘Let everyone know he lived a very happy life’

My review:
In the start, the story was so intense and interesting but suddenly Orhan Pamuk decided to get advantage of this interest and lengthened the story. I felt like it is never going to end. I had to concentrate on every word to understand that he is describing the same feelings of Kemal Bey, just in different words, in a different manner. I was sick of it so I left like 4-5 chapters dedicated to Kemal’s oh so sad feelings.
Secondly, I’m one hundred and one percent sure Fusun was not in love with Kemal, she was just using him for his money and was helped by her mother to do so. I, usually do not hate characters but I cant stop hating Fusun for silently ruining Kemal and using his money. And what kind of guy was Kemal? He did not care the least bit about his widowed mother, in fact he spent more time with Fusun’s mother (who loved him as a son for his money) than his own. In the last 5-6 chapters Fusun accepts indirectly that she was putting up with Kemal because of his money.

Sad, very sad.

No, I’m not sad for Kemal, I’m sad for myself because I actually wasted one entire week on this novel. I’m very sorry to say, Dear Orhan Pamuk, that I’m disappointed. I never really criticize someone’s work like this but you annoyed the hell out of me by the help of this novel!

Dear readers,
To be very blunt and honest, this novel is not worth your time. I’d rather drink muddy water, pet a lizard and do Maths than to read it ever again.

All my love,


My review on the novel “Between sisters” By Kristin Hannah

Between-Sisters-9780345519467“Tender, funny, bittersweet, and wonderfully moving, Between Sisters celebrates the joys and heartaches that can only be shared by sisters, the mistakes made in the name of love and the healing power of new beginnings–-all beautifully told by acclaimed author Kristin Hannah”


My review:

The story starts with Meghan Dontess, a divorcee who doesn’t believe in love and promises. She is a hotshot divorce lawyer who sleeps with a new guy every night.  Her speech is harsh and her feelings cold. She has a little sister, Clair Cavenaugh who she raised up but one day their mother decided to abandon them for her career and Meghan was forced to call Claire Cavenaugh’s father and tell him he actually has a daughter. It was all good when one day, Meghan was forced to leave Claire. Claire ends up being a single mother of a cute five year old daughter and in love with a country singer with no promising future. Now the hardworking and responsible Meghan felt it her duty to save her little ‘baby’ sister from marrying someone as useless as Bobby , as well as to rejuvenate their own relationship.


First of all, When I read this novel I did not feel connected to either of the characters. Secondly, somewhere between, I was so bored with unnecessary details and events that I first decided I’m not even going to complete this. I sometimes felt extremism in characters. Meghan is too unsympathetic and unpleasant and Claire is too sugary and stupid. I hated the parts about Joe, a homeless looking man who (BINGO!!!) turned out to be the best surgeon in town!


Totally unrealistic, but with a verrrrrrrrryyy lovely twist at end which shows that everything what the eye perceives and everything what the mind conveys is not always true. Your appearances and past doesn’t matter. What matters is your present and how you act in the present time. And most importantly this novel conveys the message that the strong knot between sisters cannot be untied no matter how far apart they are. This novel had joys and tears, hate and love, suspense and drama

A cold start but a sweet end

My review on the novel “Honour by Elif Shafak”


Honour-By Elif Shafak.

“Honour is a powerful, gripping exploration of guilt and innocence, loyalty and betrayal, and the trials of the immigrant, as well as the love and heartbreak that too often tear families apart”


My Review:

 This novel is about two twins, one of them (Jamila) who remained unmarried till her death and the other one (Pembe) who got married and travelled to England after marriage. Adem, pembe’s husband abandoned his family for a strip club dancer and Pembe was left alone in a foreign country with three other mouths to feed. She devoted herself to her children and treasured each and every one with all her soul until one day her son, Iskender decided to hurt the one who loves him most in this world…

This novel accurately describes the dark situation in Pakistan. Women try not to be a cause of shame and men do not even need to try because they are the honour of family  even if they are useless, all because it is already decided. A harsh, hurtful and bitter reality of so many families around. Each and every word of this powerful story and all the events defined are still the story of so many unfortunate Pakistani households. Honour killing is so common it is almost a tradition now. An innocent girl does something that is not in the code of conduct of the family? Simple, kill her! This story clearly describes that we, women are bound to be ‘chosen’. It doesn’t matter what women wish, what their choice is, what matters is the HONOUR. Elders would want their children and their relatives to live their life according to the unwritten set of codes. But wouldn’t life be much easier if we stop relating every split second of our lives with our so called ‘Honour?’

I personally LOVED every bit of this novel. The superstitions and perfectly described characters, everything was lovely.

Except that the events were not in order and that caused me a lot of misperception at first.

A brilliant read.