Dear world.

Hi, I am Fiya. And I am absolutely done with people. I’m literally done with people.

You think you own the world? You think you own that person standing in front of you? You think you can make fun of that person whenever you want? Well, guess what. You can. Why? Because God probably loves you and not that person, that’s why he’s letting this happen to him.

What? Did I say anything wrong? Oops! My bad, but probably nothing bad is going to happen to me. Why? Because God loves me and not you. Yep.


Dear world,

The purpose of this post is to remind you all that you don’t own anyone, you don’t own a country, you don’t decide how the person is going to feel about a certain thing. No one is anyone’s slave. This is a free world. You don’t decide about who’s God’s favorite. You don’t decide which religion, which country, which particular community or person is God’s favorite. What if you— the one who thinks God totally adores you, are the least particular favorite of God and that person you just insulted is God’s top favorite but you don’t know it?

I am screaming virtually, begging you. Please, stop judging, stop assuming that you rule, be submissive to God, be forgiving.
Make this world a better place, don’t fill this beautiful world with your ill will. We don’t need your bitterness. We don’t need your insolence, we don’t need any slandering. We don’t need any more misery or troubles in our lives.

Stop taunting that girl about her looks because its fuckin hurting her!

Stop favoring that particular child of yours over other because it’s killing the other one’s self confidence!

Stop assuming that no one is better than you, because one day you are going to be proved wrong. Your pride will be shattered into tiny pieces.

Stop destroying that beautiful country where you were born, who fed you, where you find peace, which is your identity. For God’s sake, It is your home!

Stop, just stop insulting that guy over his dumbness. God made him dumb, he cannot help it! Please!

Stop ruining that girl’s life just because you hate her. She deserves peace in her life after what you did to her.

Stop assuming you are the nicest person in this world. Because that’s what you are not!

What you are doing to that person can happen to you tomorrow! Karma is a real bitch, don’t mess with it, because you can’t rule over KARMA. You just cant.


Pretty disappointed,



5 thoughts on “Dear world.

  1. FIYA!!!! I LOVE this!! Now I have to tell you a story. My ex husband and I were in the process of buying our home when this thought suddenly occurred to me. There was all this talk of property lines, and boundaries. I just kind of stood there, half listening and half thinking… we won’t OWN this property. It’s a piece of “God’s” green earth. He owns this land, and is letting us borrow it to build our homes. Then the thought grew. Who decides where the lines go on a map? When you’re up in a plane, you certainly don’t see lines dividing states. So, who gets to decide how big or small a county is, inside of each state? It drives me insane sometimes. How can we say we OWN a piece of land? There were people here long before us that shared the land, and knew that it was a blessing. They lived off the land, as it should be. Today, I see developments going up and trees coming down. Grass being uprooted so someone can park their fancy car on sticky black pavement. It disgusts me. I think I was born in the wrong century. Don’t get me wrong… I love my computer, and my smart phone, and even my car. BUT… I would have been much happier if I was born in a time where cars didn’t exist, as I love hiking through the forest on nature trails. I would have been happier to write on onion paper, and keeping my thoughts private. However, I wasn’t born during those times, and I can’t rewind time. I can totally relate to this, and like I said, I LOVE this post. What gives us the right to talk bad about anyone? To demean someone just because we can? To bully people because we are better (our fancy cars and million dollar houses says so). Society as a whole has me absolutely disgusted. The only advice I can give is distance yourself from all that makes you angry. The bottom line is ignorance and arrogance. Stay away from those people. There’s a show on the National Geographic channel about a family living in Alaska. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but they are a large family, living off the land. They build their own houses and have no idea what a smart phone or WIFI is. THAT’S what I’m looking for. Seclusion. Seclusion from the ignorance and arrogance running rampant throughout our society. Is there an end to it all? Will people ever change their ways, or are they too brainwashed into thinking their right and we’re wrong? I could write for hours on this topic alone. I’ll end it now though, as this is your blog and I don’t want to take anything away from it. I just want you to know that you aren’t alone in your thinking. We just have to figure out how to spread the word… Lots of love…

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  3. I hate it too when people just assume they are in some way better than other people to the point they don’t treat the person as a fellow human. This post conveys a strong message. Great work Fiya!

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