My review on the novel “Princess”- By Jean Sasson


Princess is a true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia.
Sultana, a very powerful, egoistic and fearless Saudi princess unveils the reality about her  traditions and culture She fights for her rights and knows her mind. She particularly focuses on the fact that the society’s norms and values are shaped precisely FOR MEN, BY MEN

The novel describes the guilt and fears of females living in Arab, fears which force them to live a life of 2ndth century in 21st century. The novel ponders light on the foolish and ignorant rituals performed by uneducated people without asking a simple question, WHY? In fact, in Sultana’s world, there is no word such as why. In this male dominated society, everything a female does against the wishes of her fathers, brothers or husband.. will ultimately lead her to a painful death.

In her society, a woman lives on the pity of Men, her life is shaped and utterly controlled by men.

It is a short story about Sultana’s life, how SHE dealt with the ignorant rules of her country with some painful stories of Sultana’s acquaintances who fell into the deep hole of torture and death because of these rules.

My review:
I would like to start this review by saying that according to me, all the things written in this novel are accurate. Those nonsense rituals are still practiced today. Most of these traditions have no link with Islam, these are old utterly silly traditions practiced by the Arab in the era of Jahiliyah. And so they are considered illegal now not only in Islam, but also in all of the well educated, well developed countries. In Islam, it doesn’t matter if you’re a prince or a pauper; your punishment to a crime would be the same.

But this novel describes how much harm is done by these backward norms of Arab. (Thanks God that I am not Saudi Princess) Though, truth shall be told, some of the traditions described in the novel are actually Islamic. In Islam, Females have particularly lesser rights than men. We, females are only allowed one man at a time while men can have four wives AT A TIME. Oh God, Truly unfair.

ANYWAYS, I love how courageous this sultana is. Though I feel bad for her brother, I dislike how she always puts him into trouble. A happy go lucky sort of sultana. Love her spirit.

Feminists from all over the world would absolutely adore this novel. Men (other than Arabs) would be like oh damn you lucky Arab men, getting girls like that!

Tell you what, I think it’s worth a read!

 Wad dua ya Habibi,



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