Struggles of a young blogger

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My basic struggle as a young blogger is the language barrier. English is my third language, the first two being Urdu and Punjabi. I usually have a lot of ideas and expressions in my mind but as cool and amusing they sound in Urdu, when I convert them into English they seem absurd and boring.

My second struggle or fear—whatever you call it, is that I’m afraid to get judged. I mean, I’ve a lot to say on my mind but I dare not transform them into words, fearing that I will be labeled as ‘young ungrateful narcissist B****’

My third struggle is writing to please my audience. I think twice about posting stuff on wordpress because I’m afraid no one would appreciate my work and reject me. But Getting rejected is everyone’s greatest fear, isn’t it?

I’m currently trying to confront my fears and sparing no effort to make sense of my words. I hope that I succeed in it.

I love it how people on Word press tell me that I don’t seem to be so young, I’m like that since forever. My grandpa says I have a 50 year old head on my 17 years old shoulder.
Really Grandpa? Am I as smart as a 50 year old? Well, Nevermind.
But Oh, don’t underestimate me; I’m still as cool as a cucumber 😉

With this post, I continue my journey as a young blogger.



24 thoughts on “Struggles of a young blogger

  1. About your second fear,I can only say try not to judge anyone .Thats the best you can do.You cant control the world.Although when I hear someone trying to pass a judgment,I do my best to tell them to avoid this behavior
    The third one ,yes,hard to get rid of.Just right what comes in your mind in a draft.Then go through it.

  2. Hi Fiya,

    Thank you for your comments on my blog.

    I’ve been reading yours, and I’ve enjoyed what I read. Keep writing! The world needs more women who write, so write fearlessly and don’t worry about the judgement of others. They are allowed to not like what you write, and you are allowed to ignore that they don’t like it.

    Write for yourself first, and don’t be afraid to make as many mistakes as it takes. Once you have learned from those mistakes, you can go on to make a lot of new mistakes that will make your previous mistakes look trivial and silly. This is good, it shows you’re making progress. And as long as you’re making those mistakes with your writing, and not international diplomacy or a nuclear reactor, no one is going to mind much.

    I look forward to seeing what you write next!

  3. You write so well, considering English is your THIRD language. I look forward to more posts. I have a sixteen-year-old daughter who enjoys writing and art, so love encouraging young artists! Great Job!

  4. Hi Fiya 😀 Don’t worry ! I get the jitters sometimes when I press Publish, thinking “Whoa. Should I have done this or that ?”. We all go through exactly the same as what you feel. Let your blog develop, maybe you’ll create a theme blog, a magazine, a diary, art …… no matter. Explore your potential, push your boundaries, but most of all have fun. Go girl !! Ralph xox ❤

  5. Only practice makes perfect. Lots and lots of practice. You just have to keep doing what you do until it feels like second nature. And yes, we all share your fears it is human nature.

  6. Good to see you’re continuing to blog, since you have an interesting voice for it and you touch on a variety of topics. Don’t worry about your English; I think it’s remarkably expressive and you’ll become more accurate as you write more. Blog on! And thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the summer scene of the Midwestern U.S. 🙂

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