Behind the veil. PART 1

Image credits: Lita cabellut

Image credits: Lita cabellut

She was born in a strictly religious family and raised up by her very Islamic grandparents who named her Meher which means “Friendship, love and sun”  in Persian, “Blessing” in Arabic and “gifted and talented” in Punjabi. They named her Meher because they considered her a blessing. A blessing bestowed upon them after so many years of yearning for her from Allah, after so many seasons of shedding tears in prayers, after so many decades of kneeling down before Allah in prostration. She was their biggest desire; she was the wish that came true. She was the shining star of their eyes, the most noble and chaste, the modest and most right minded girl in the family, a reward from Allah for being patient and submissive to him.

A reward

A reward that brought shame to family

A reward who ran away

They trusted her most in the family as she never missed any single prayer, recited Quran daily and covered herself in front of “Na Mehrams”.Of course anyone would believe her to be trustworthy, to be pious and chaste, which she was. But then there was iblees, the damned one. Always present around us, waiting for us to be misguided by him, waiting for us to go off track, to go astray.
And ofcourse there is Allah, our creator, our lord, Al Rehman (the compassionate), Al Raheem (the merciful), Maalik-ul-Qudoos (the absolute ruler, the pure one) Al Hakim, (the judge) Al Haadi (the guide)… ALLAH. who wants to get us tested, who wants to know how much have we learned from Quran, from Ahadees or from offering prayers five times a day, or from covering ourselves or from guiding our hearts and our eyes and our bodies from evil and from Haram?

A reward who ran away.

Arslan was a neighbor who had always seen her go outside with her veil on. He saw her the very first time in her balcony with a beautiful red headscarf on, talking politely to someone downstairs in her lawn, she didn’t know someone is watching her face, admiring her beauty. As soon as she turned her face and had an eye contact with him, she turned her face, covered it and went inside her room whereas he spent the next day planning on how to talk to her because her beauty and charm had worked her spell on him.



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