My review on the novel “Between sisters” By Kristin Hannah

Between-Sisters-9780345519467“Tender, funny, bittersweet, and wonderfully moving, Between Sisters celebrates the joys and heartaches that can only be shared by sisters, the mistakes made in the name of love and the healing power of new beginnings–-all beautifully told by acclaimed author Kristin Hannah”


My review:

The story starts with Meghan Dontess, a divorcee who doesn’t believe in love and promises. She is a hotshot divorce lawyer who sleeps with a new guy every night.  Her speech is harsh and her feelings cold. She has a little sister, Clair Cavenaugh who she raised up but one day their mother decided to abandon them for her career and Meghan was forced to call Claire Cavenaugh’s father and tell him he actually has a daughter. It was all good when one day, Meghan was forced to leave Claire. Claire ends up being a single mother of a cute five year old daughter and in love with a country singer with no promising future. Now the hardworking and responsible Meghan felt it her duty to save her little ‘baby’ sister from marrying someone as useless as Bobby , as well as to rejuvenate their own relationship.


First of all, When I read this novel I did not feel connected to either of the characters. Secondly, somewhere between, I was so bored with unnecessary details and events that I first decided I’m not even going to complete this. I sometimes felt extremism in characters. Meghan is too unsympathetic and unpleasant and Claire is too sugary and stupid. I hated the parts about Joe, a homeless looking man who (BINGO!!!) turned out to be the best surgeon in town!


Totally unrealistic, but with a verrrrrrrrryyy lovely twist at end which shows that everything what the eye perceives and everything what the mind conveys is not always true. Your appearances and past doesn’t matter. What matters is your present and how you act in the present time. And most importantly this novel conveys the message that the strong knot between sisters cannot be untied no matter how far apart they are. This novel had joys and tears, hate and love, suspense and drama

A cold start but a sweet end


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